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Some Notes on LadderMaker

Posted by admin on April 7, 2015


Many people have commented that the inputs are inverted.  This was done intentionally so that pull-down is active, and optical isolation or pushbuttons will work as expected. The internal pull-ups are activated in the Arduino on all inputs. 




There is a new version of LadderMaker almost ready to publish.  It will be version 108.  The bug that prevents more than one ADC input from working is fixed.  There is also more entries in arduino.rules so that more versions of the Nano will work under Linux.  


There remains an issue with two or more parallel (OR) rungs.  OR rungs that are shorter than the one above, that are not left justified do not work properly:

no_work.png  (Does not work.) 


This does work:

OK.png (Works.)


I am trying to get this bug fixed, but for now a workaround using internal outputs will be the only option for multiple parallel rungs. 



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